Episode 3

The Posse Comitatus

Welcome to the inevitable third episode of The Paranoid Strain.

“Well. Took you long enough.” That’s what I hear you thinking. Yes, it’s been a couple of months since our last episode. And for the moment, that’s about the pace you should expect. Each of these shows represents a huge amount of research and production time, and we have a day job, and a kid, and other distractions. Eventually, we hope to come to you on a more frequent basis, but until then, let’s just enjoy our time together.

This episode has a special place in our hearts. It’s the first of three parts on the conspiracy-minded, frequently violent, deeply paranoid right-wing extremist movement, which has been known as the “militia”, “freeman on the land”, and currently the “sovereign citizen” ideology, but which started out back in the 1950s with one angry, anti-semitic, delusional man named Bill, who wanted to form a Posse.

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  • Freesound.org - Toiletrolltube: Tera3 Feb 15 Misc
  • Freesound.org Klankbeeld Horror Ambience 80
  • Excerpt of William Potter Gale “sermon”
  • Excerpts from a bunch of racist and/or crazy Gordon Kahl fans’ “music”. We’re not giving specific attributions to these assholes
  • 60 Minutes interview with Alan Berg
  • Inside the Hate Conspiracy: America’s Terrorists, 1995 ABC Documentary
  • Timothy McVeigh the Turner Diaries Connection, from Nazi America: A Secret History
  • Comedian Bill Hicks on Waco
  • NBC Live coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing, 1995
  • The Gladiator, by John Philip Sousa, recorded by the United States Marine Band, 2oo6
  • Hiss-pop-crackle Found on the Partners in Rhyme blog. Public Domain
  • All other music copyright 2016, The Paranoid Strain Orchestra