Episode 7

False Flags and Alex Jones

Call it Easter, call it April Fool’s…either way, we’ve got one helluva present for you. It’s the seventh episode of the Paranoid Strain.

This time, we’re dealing with the concept of False Flags. And with the world’s most (in)famous purveyor of said concept, Alex Jones. Among the many surprising things you may learn in this episode is that, in spite of the fact that Mr. Jones is one million percent full of horseshit, false flags are actually a real thing. Just not the ones he talks about.

Jones isn’t our only target, though. Many folks out there make hay out of the idea that the ever-nebulous “they” are always out there, plotting violent events that will pave the way for the public to give up their  freedoms, so “they” can feast on our precious bodily fluids. Or something.

Anyway, enjoy. As always, if you’ve got comments, suggestions, or really any feedback, please contact us by email at theparanoidstrain at gmail dot com, on Twitter @theparanoidstrain, or at our home on the web, theparanoidstrain.com.


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