Episode 8.5

Stupid Land: Bush Can't Melt Steel Beams

A brand-new, steaming heap of whatever it is that the Chads do is now here for your delectation. 

Following through on our lifelong, three-month commitment to delivering monthly content, we present the second of our collaborations with the weirdos at Stupid Land. This time, they’ve done…


terrible with the previous episode, Part 1 of our 9/11 discussion. I’d try to explain it better, but…just listen. You’ll understand.

Anyway, as with the previous PS/SL collaboration, the audio production is impeccable, while the content is deeply bizarre. Keep it up, you oddball bastards.

See you next month. Oh, and I don’t want to forget–the Chads got they-selves a website. Now, you can visit, listen, and subscribe at the aptly named stupid.land. Won’t you?