Episode 11

Flat Earth

Welcome back to your home away from home, the Paranoid Strain. This time, we squash flat earth beliefs…well, flat, I suppose. Stupid English language. 

We both know that flat earthers are all over the place these days. But why? And how? And where did all of these ideas come from? As you might expect, since we’re raising all of these rhetorical questions, we have rhetorical answers. We’ve been through some dark, strange stuff over the past few episodes, what with 9/11 and the disturbing rantings of Qanon fans. This time, we’re tackling a belief that truly deserves the sobriquet “wacky”. 

We had a lot of fun with this one. Hope you will, too. Find us on the social medias, join our Facebook and Youtube pages, and spread the word. Thank you kindly.


Other links:

  • Metabunk –Mick West’s debunking site. Excellent source for smart, very polite debunking of an array of nonsense.
  • Soundly’s Youtube page. Plenty of disproofs of Flat Earth ideas here.


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