Episode 16


Welcome back. We hope you enjoyed the silliness of our previous, Moon landing episode, because unfortunately, this topic is deadly serious. 

Yes, unfortunately, in spite of the almost unbelievable number of lives that have been saved by vaccinations over the past couple hundred years, a still-growing number of well-intentioned, but deeply ill-informed parents continue to avoid or delay vaccinations for their children. The result, as anyone who watches the headlines knows, is an ever-increasing incidence of outbreaks of measles and other preventable diseases.

This makes us incredibly angry. And so we want to arm you, our beloved Strainiacs, with the info you need to positively influence anyone who might fall under the siren song of thhe anti-vaxxers, to help keep vulnerable people healthy.

But as always, we’re gonna make bad jokes, ridicule conspiracists, and enjoy some rockin’ tunes courtesy of the Paranoid Strain Orchestra along the way. We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, as always, for listening. Let us know what you thought in our Facebook group, and/or at theparanoidstrain at gmail dot com.

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