The Paranoid Strain is a podcast that explains conspiracy theories (and theorists) to normal people.

As you may have noticed, an increasing number of folks–political leaders, entertainers, athletes, relatives, and for that matter your friends and neighbors–are buying into weird conspiracy theories. This phenomenon can be disconcerting; the idea that we can’t all agree that reality is…well…real is a tough thing to swallow. Plus, a lot of the stuff these people are spouting is just…weird.

Anyhoo, the Paranoid Strain is here to help. Every couple of months, we’ll provide you with an in-depth exploration of one or another of the conspiracy theories that people seem all-too-ready to believe. But more than that, we’re fascinated with the folks who develop, promulgate, and believe these theories. Who are they, what do they believe, and why? We’re gonna try to answer those questions, too. Moreover, we’re gonna try to have fun doing it.

We welcome your comments, corrections, suggestions for shows, complaints about how we’re part of the conspiracy and will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes, etc. Find us on Twitter @theparanoidstrain, or drop us a line at theparanoidstrain at gmail dot com.