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The Paranoid Strain

Mar 20, 2019

Guys, I’m not gonna lie. Some stuff went down in this one. Yes, it’s once again a Stupid Land episode. And yes, that once again means you won’t find a single reliable fact in it. But this one…this one was different. it was an experience so intense that at the end, I felt like I needed a Silkwood shower. It went to new, different, and horrifying places. What makes this episode different from all other episodes? I…can’t tell you. I mean, there are legal implications. The proper authorities have asked me not to comment about an active investigation. But perhaps you can figure out what happened by listening to the recording I managed to smuggle out… And Frances…I’m sorry. Attributions: “The Water and the well” by Nihilore: “Artifice” by Nihilore: “La Vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf: All sound effects: (read more at